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Native Dancer-EP Vol. 1

Björk-Atom Dance


Patrick McLean-Go Right On

Out of the blue, a very enjoyable diversion was taken on introduction to this five-piece outfit. Reminding of that turn-of-millennium leftfield soul/jazz movement, a full band of bass, guitar, keys, drums and sax; Frida Touray's vocal topping off a fresh fusion of original songs on their five-track EP. 'Love', 'SWB' and 'Until Frida Speaks' will take them to the next level but 'Paris Drive' shows their musical horizons to be even wider as it undulates around a chime-like riff. Out soon. Appreciate? Seek out Tawiah, Fatima, Andreya Triana, early Sonar Kollektiv, Micatone.

The winding roads of Björk's solo career continue to veer into new  and enlightening territories as she celebrates 22 years of pioneering work under her own direction. Seemingly subtitled the 'break-up' album, 9 mellifluous compositions of soaring melodies, often upon the wings of a string-led orchestra and produced, in the main, by the in-demand Venezuelan Alejandro Ghersi (Arca),  As profound in impact as ever, the highlights are many on 'Vulnicura'. I have chosen her one duet with Antony Hegarty as the single to pick (if life were dependent upon it.)

Saxophonist of Hi-Tension, the influential Brit-Funk pioneers from 1978, Patrick McClean steps out front with a very British and soulful solo single. Much like contemporary Steve Salvari's recent Stevie cover (who is also the producer and keyboardist here), this is the complete package, appealing to a mid-80's audience as much as a contemporary one, championed by the likes of Ralph Tee's Expansion Records and the Dome label. Supported by brothers, Hi-Tensioners, Paul and Martin, a sunshine delight to see the winter out. The original is available on iTunes, the Clubmix on 2nd March.

Taiko-Perfect Wait (EP)

140BPM and crushing beats are the common thread as this 5-track EP on the Subaltern label supplies us with an unquivocal return from Taiko. The title cut is an outstanding piece; a near-minute atmospheric build up before that pattern kicks in and the journey begins. A Biome remix of the same rearranges and reworks to effect while 'Noona' consolidates a no-fat collection. Caught in the middle is the kind of funk Prince might be cutting if he was born in a different era. Clyde Stubblefield drum loops and frantic funk bass and guitar samples make this a must-have.

Once Fela Kuti's keyboardist, musical director of Egypt 80 and son Femi Kuti's Positive Force, Mr Sosimi releases his debut single and a corresponding remix. A big signing to the delightful and diverse Wah Wah 45s label, Sanctuary reflects the Afrobeat sound of which he played a large part in bringing to the wider world. Tru Thoughts' Titeknots is on remix duties balancing the integrity of the original with a little more edge for dancing feet. Look out for his deep soulful 4/4 take on Harleighblu's 'Love Like This' in 2014.

Bassistry-Behind These Eyes

Steve Salvari-Golden Lady

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A fourth single from 'Magnetica' under the prolific Will Holland's Quantic tag. A beautiful piece of ethereal folk-soul, which would also feel at home in the late 1960's. Taking a rare lead vocal himself supported by that distinctive banjo sound, it continues to be a fascinating adventure tracking this man's work. Tru Thoughts support the single with a Shigeto remix of last year's lead single 'Duvidó'. A very different slant with echoing chimes and marimbas; elements of half-step and footwork rhythms. Essential for alternative dancefloors.

Quantic-Painting Silhouettes/Duvidó remix

The new single from bass player Marcel Pusey's 3rd Bassistry project: 'What the Hell Do You Call This?', congregates a special line up of British musical talent-from Incognito's Imaani to Brian Eno collaborator Robert Logan naming only a few. Katy Seath & Nicola Bull feature on this with an understated string intro leading into Sam Aggard's syncopation. Even better is the 'B' side, 'The Art of Negotiation'. Soulful moods and vocals held together by Marcel's bass and Michael Winawer's rhythm guitar. An easy answer to the album title based on this evidence.

Stevie's 1973 favourite gets a  soulful and original take from one of the pillars of British  Afro-Carribean music in the 70's. So pleasing to hear a 'full-fat' interpretation with bass, rhythm guitar, keyboard and a muted trumpet solo all in the mix to support Mr Salvari's jazz-approach to the vocal. A multi-instrumentalist , vocalist & producer whose liaisons range from Chaka Khan to Omar, he is also the man behind music production company Moondance Musik. Out at the end of January.

Appreciate? Try Don E -Spiritual

Dele Sosimi-Sanctuary (remix)

To the Argentinian leftfield and Snr Krygier's fifth collection. The composer and multi-instrumentalist tells a story of a 'man of stone' (the title), along the way, embracing worldwide styles such as Reggae on 'Alcohol', 'Lo tendré que adivinar' opens with funk guitar riffs, heading onto a dancefloor of past times,', 'Changarín''s skipping drums contains a  terrific horn line and organ while 'Invitame' even touches on Grime. Certainly appealing to those beyond Spanish-speaking borders, this should bring global attention to Argentina's current rich undercurrent. Appearing are those very players including Daniel Melingo, Diego Arcaute on drums and Juana Molina arranger Juan Ravioli on guitar. With us soon on Crammed Discs.

Axel Krygier-Hombre de Piedra

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