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Cooly G-Armzhouse

At the pinnacle of Hyperdub's ever-groundbreaking electronic soundscapes, Cooly G supplies more diverse goodness: her first release since last year's 'Wait Till Night'. cooly makes House music sound future yet reflective of sub-genres gone by. This EP starts by making us feel all 1988 Summer of Love again on 'Trippin' B' before heading into syncopated, tribal intro and vocal chant on 'Booboo'. 'Flange City' has the classic Roland TB-303 squelch as it bridges the gap between Electro-Funk and Acid. Personal EP highlight is 'Waybay' featuring Marc Perrineau. Straight-ahead 4-to-the-floor with those classic hi-hats and simple, spectral synth lines. 'Horrors in the Dance' is beyond House, swinging along freely like an empty bus picking up passengers along its travels. A welcome collection out soon.



DVA-Allyallrecords (EP)

If you like your electronic music experimental and unexpected, a collaboration between the Hyperdub label and DVA is a perfect stop-off point. Back with a new EP, a four-track medley, it begins with a colloboration featuring contemporary Addison Groove on 'Allyallrecords', stuttering beats and vocal loops lead the listener into anxious eighth-beats and a soulful background voice, Clara La San continues the vocal into 'Pink22', accompanied by warm synths before the hi-hat pulse takes over and seamlessly into the Mickey Pearce link-up on 'Spoonbender'. Here the mood darkens; the rhythm patterns threatening a move into grimey waters. DVA's solo piece, 'Perxoflyf' is the most straightforward, where beats dominate from the outset, pitch changes and all. Essential for lovers of risk-taking electronica. Out on 28th August.

Ephemerals-You'll Never See Me Cry

Jalapeno records have produced a stable of artists who are major players in their fields: from the Nu-Roots Soul of Smoove & Turrell and until recently, the deeper, Soulful House/Funk of Kraak & Smaak. Ephemerals are part of that clique as they lean towards the former on this harbinger for the new collection, a lyrically reflective piece on one man's emotional plight. Wolfgang Valbrun's voice commands over a constant drum roll, joined by a simple, spine-tingling strings and a supporting cast of piano and a low-key horn section. Writer/band leader Hillman Mondegreen, is the man behind the pen, aided by a masterful band. This pre-empts 'Chasin' Ghosts', out in October.

Positive Flow-Re-flowed

A favoured label on this site, Tokyo Dawn Records produced one of the jewels of their catalogue in Jesse Wilson's 'Flow Lines' release in 2012.  'Re-Flowed' brings together an all-star cast of the future of soul/dance to remix - some from his TDR debut and others from Positive Flow's daliances further afield. New Soul on the string-loop vocal beauty 'Kingdom' sets a standard before Mark De Clive-Lowe recalls his own days of Broken-Beat joy on 'Look Around Any Corner', replete with electric piano solo. 'Amazon Dawn' builds on a looped intro,into the spoken word & vocal of Serena Ramzy and Deborah Jordan.  'Children of the Sun' it is Jesse's other moniker, Moji, that takes the crown on his remix of the same. Lapses in quality will be hard to find here.

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Sacha Vee-Rising One (EP)

Offering a stew of sweet soul from the Hip-Hop end, this New Zealander links quality songwriting with vocal dexterity on her new alliance with the UK's BBE Records. With a  style that brings to mind contemporaries Fatima and Andreya Triana, on the title track, Sacha provides a perfect voice to a top piece of Future R'n'B, without intruding upon the music. Even better is the synth and soul mood she creates on 'Ging' which seems to float effortlessly. Already a name known to many, one to look out for in the wider world. A new  release on that conveyor belt of quality, BBE Records.

Return to Forever-Sorceress

Many line-ups with one core (that of Stanley Clarke and Chick Corea), Return to Forever had already added the virtuoso electric guitarist Al Di Meola before the recording of 'Romantic Warrior' in 1976 with stunning drummer Lenny White also in place prior. Herein exists the most commercially successful line up of RTF  as this cut, in particular, stands as a beacon amongst many Jazz and funk unions of the mid to late 1970s. It is Lenny White's funk: one that survives time and continues to exist as a staple of the quartet's live performance. Find something wonderful in this and the album from whence it came, 'Romantic Warrior'.

Daniel Grau Reworks: Atlantis (Debonair Remix)

Sonar Kollektiv round up the heavies of the underground to remix another 2 CDs-worth of tropical dance wizardry. Jazzanova member Claus Brieler's trip to Caracas in 2012 made possible worldwide awareness of sound-engineer, Daniel Grau's work between 1974 & 1983. Also a multi-instrumentalist and composer, his short-lived and Venezuelan-only career gave a local angle to the funk and disco-era dance of the period.  Many of the 19 tracks complement Mr Grau's originals but this is straddling of  Nu-Disco and Deep House just takes the cream. Out now as a single with the complete package following later this month.

Stylin' 700-Various Artists

'Stylin'' is the operative word for pioneering Australian DJ and presenter Ennio Styles for all 700 of his shows on ground-breaking Triple R Melbourne radio station. Now also the proprietor of the Heard & Felt label, whose artists include Cy Gorman and Juxtpose, here within lay 32 pieces of unparalleled, independent music across a broad spectrum. From I'lls' atmospheric 8th-note beats of 'Fifty-Phiphti' to the stripped beatbox soul cover of James Brown's 'Payback' by Antique Naked Soul or veteran saxophonist Mitch Frohman's spoken-word-led Cuban Jazz 'Accents Con Ritmo',  this is a compilation beyond compare.


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Oscar Key Sung-Altruism

Another of the Austalian new-wave, also inhabited by Cy Gorman, Daniel Crawford and Hiatus Kaiyote, producing songs of the higher order and challenging popular formula music. Here lies a sound dovetailing with some of the electronic influences of this generation and landing as a beacon of minimal soul music, stripped to its core.   Lyrically deep, 'Altruism' stands shoulder to shoulder with the best of James Blake and the Submotion Orchestra, naming only a few. Also on the 6-track EP is 'All I Could Do' , which has been present for a spell and notched over 100,ooo plays on YouTube.  The four/four kick drum supports the agreeable synth programs while, 'Skip' is the perfect half-step bookend to the grand finale. Out now.

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