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Sandy Barber-I Think I'll Do Some Steppin'

Dele Sosimi-You No Fit Touch Am


Uptake-So Far So Good

A label progressive but equally reflective, whether it be cutting-edge hip-hop or straight jazz, BBE Records revived this soulful-disco rarity back in 2012. Originally recorded by Ms Barber as part of the LP 'The Best is Yet to Come' back in 1977, this lies with the very best of that dance era, largely underground at the time leading to its classing as a 'rare groove'. A few years later, Sweden's Opolopo successfully gives this soaring soul a housier edge, stripping it down and accentuating its rhythm section while adding a small dose of technology. Already receiving attention.

Well-established in the pantheon of Nigerian music as a colloborator with two generations of the Kuti family, keyboardist, Dele Sosimi announces his arrival at the delightful and discerning Wah Wah 45s label. No dilution of the Afrobeat sound will be found amongst the 7 tracks on display here. The message is present, the rhythm tough throughout; from guitar to drums and horns. From the relentless pursuit of the title track to the shuffling mid-tempo on 'We Siddon, We Dey Look' and 'Na My Turn', personal pick is the slow-burner 'Where We Want Be'. Somewhere, the master will be nodding approval.

Far-reaching, searching and fascinating, this unique French quartet mark their debut with no 'safe' approach to jazz and its offshoots. Instantly accessible yet challenging, Robinson Khoury's sensitive trombone sound as a leading instrument is a revelation beyond a novelty, supported and equalled by award-winning musicianship from Bastien Brisson's piano/Rhodes, the polyrhythms of drummer Paul Berne and Pierre Gibbe's bass. Beginning with the seemingly mournful 'Awake', the pace picks up and wanes as Mr Khoury takes the track into a further phase. This format of non-formulaic changes allows the band to stretchout. build throughout the album; Rock sensibilities are expressed on 'The Way,' complete with vocoder while Mid-70's Herbie/Headhunters-like 'So Lacy' starts a downtempo, funk piece, showcasing Bastien's Rhodes and Robinson's brass.Outstanding music from the consistent Jazz Village Records.

Crazy P-Cruel Mistress/Echo

Nu-disco and Boogie revivalists, Crazy P make a timely return with a new two-track release on their 20th anniversary. Taken from their 7th album, 'Cruel Mistress' brings tech-house touches to the in-vogue Chic/Daft Punk sound that they helped create, led by the relaxed vocals of Danielle Moores. An uplifting chorus with the support of Nile Rodgers-like rhythm guitar is a great lead off, teeing up 'Echo'; a driving 2'n'4 upbeat, synth-led number accompanied by another soaring chorus. 'Walk, Dance, Talk, Sing' is the new collection on !K7.

The parallax view of DJ Vadim's ever-shifting career continues apace on a new collaboration LP with vocalist Sena. First working together on his 'Soundcatcher' LP in 2007, the stuttering beats and accompanying synth riffs of this taster single, provide a basis for Sena's forceful, constant, hybrid vocal; dropping somewhere between Soul and Ragga in style. A particular productive time for the Leningrad (St Petersburg)-born Vadim, it is always with impatience we await a full long player. Out soon on BBE Records.

Louise Golbey-Family Tree (EP)

Jeb Loy Nichols-Katie Blue/Don't Drop Me

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Big -room mixes of Anglo-Norwegian Sasha Siem's new single taken from her debut collection 'Most of the Boys'. East India Youth is behind the first: a swathe of industrial electronic, sheets of sound: frantic atmosphere for prime-time dancefloors.  Highasakite's take is the polar opposite: bare and spatial with elements of Footwork in the drum fills, her vocals  at the core. Matthew Herbert wields his influence on a vastly alternative version of accompanying track 'Proof' , Here, he delves into the leftfield as he rides a pulse with a busy electronic rhythm, discerning in his choice  of drops of Sasha's  vocal.  Out on Blue Plum.

Sasha Siem-See Through (remixes)

Since  2008, Louise Golbey has been pushing her brand of British blue-eyed soul. This latest 4-track EP 'Family Tree' raises the game with her lead vocal, mature songwriting, and smooth production  - not least calling upon British soul veteran, Omar on 'The Outsider' for a co-penned and vocal  contribution. Drum rolls and a notable chorus being redolent of Omar's own solo work of late. 'Comfortable' borrows '70's jazz-funk saxophonist Tom Scott's drum pattern 'Sneakin' out the Back' coupled with  funk in its supporting bass-guitar line.  The title cut is the weaker of the collection, augmented by 'Little Bird': a simple, soulful downtempo number accompanied by a sweet melody and involving the services of Rhianna producer Amir Yaqub. The LP, 'Novel', is out soon.

As he approaches his 10th album, Wyoming's Jeb Loy Nichols adds the funk to his stew of country, blues and folk on his new single 'Katie Blue'. Supported by veteran songwriter of Sade fame, keyboardist, Andrew Hale (also on production duties), the Welsh resident's unique tone and volume complements perfectly this simple downtempo ode to the mysterious Katie. Accompanied by bass guitar-led 'Don't Drop Me',  parallels with St Germain's Nu-jazz standard 'Sure Thing' can be drawn, the soulful guitar riffs adding icing. Hard not to feel this and move to such a welcome return from Mr Nichols.

DJ Vadim & Sena-Work Hard

Melbourne is the place of the moment. Cy Gorman's recent EP on Melbourne DJ Ennio Styles' label Heard and Felt foreruns the return of these Grammy nominees' second collection. Here, the quartet have produced something special on 'By Fire', which comes across as a future soul variation to the music of  Jazz-Fusion giants Return to Forever in their prime. 'Breathing Underwater' bases itself on  the highly syncopated drumming of Perrin Moss: the foundation for a frantic composition with leader Nai Palm's soul-filled vocal topping off a song of many parts. Flying Buddha Label-owner, Salaam Remi, also weighs in with a  mix. Excited anticipation for the full release.  Appreciate? Try Native Dancer's recent EP.

Hiatus Kaiyote-Breathing Underwater

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