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Fat Freddy's Drop-Slings & Arrows (single)

Amp Live-No.2 in B Minor, Op..3 Muzik


Various-Maximum Joy EP

One of the most important bands to ever emerge from New Zealand,  Fat Freddy's Drop issue their latest single. In support of their 'Slings and Arrows' tour, FFD return to their Reggae-influenced roots, led by the trademark soulful tenor vocals of Joe Dukie and that punching horn section. Seems like a long time since the award-winning debut LP, 'Based on a True Story' but the quality has remained consistent through the years. Out in November.

The production side of Zion I heads into the arena with cerebral hip-hop at its core. Released on Plug Research, this is the direction that the genre needs to head towards as Amp breaks the waves while  absorbing the footwork, grime, dubstep elements of modern underground club culture while also embracing classical and jazz. All tracks are notable although, to these subjective ears, the instrumental above and cello-led 'Run Back' (featuring Saint Tiimbre) are simply sublime.

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Plenty of substance to these four choice cuts, going much beyond simple dancefloor interest.

Alfresco Records are the hosts to the outstanding Fela Kuti references found on J Morrison's 'Some Fella'.

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Chłopcy Kontra Basia-Oj Tak!

Poland's rich musical culture and general open-mindedness is exemplified by this unique trio from Krakow. Jazz in the foundations and the freedom it stands for, C K B, are ones to watch beyond their borders. Tracks like the boundary-crossing 'Jerzy', where acoustic bass and frantic woodwind lead into drum and bass rhythms, are a great example. Basia's vocals hint at being a Bjork-like torchbearer. Out on River Boat Records.

BBE showcase Shane 'Sureshot' Hunt's fascinating bringing together of the gravelly voice of  Jamaican-Canadian The Mighty Pope and  Omega Rae, here leading a series of alternative , Caribbean-soaked versions. Before you roll your eyes at the thought of covers, these can't be  recommended enough, bringing new life to The Beat's 'Mirror in the Bathroom', The Stylistics' 'People Make the World Go Round'. While Debbie Debs' 'Look Out Weekend' is made timeless here too.

Bonobo-Flashlight (EP)

Chick Corea Trio-Trilogy

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A taster of Swindle's follow-up  to last year's 'Long Live the Jazz'. Gilles Peterson's Brownswood have got his signature now with 'Walter's Call' leading this three track collection of  stuttering trademark  Footwork fills wrapped in half-step downbeats and jazz-age horns. Powerful modern fusion is evidence of a rich future ahead for the south-Londoner.

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Swindle-Walter's Call (EP)

Having toured 'The North Border's' LP extensively and subsequently released a live CD and DVD, Simon Green's alias continues to supply sonic soundscapes that every musician and technical electronic artist should be aspiring for. The perfect companion to 2012's 'Cirrus'.

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Like having a continuous debate despite sharing the same opinion, this trio's dialogue is symbiotic as  Christian McBride's bass and Brian Blade's drums glide seamlessly within and out Chick's piano . With a little help from friends, they  take us through a lifetime of music from pioneer Mr Corea's back catalogue and  the evergreens (A pleasure to hear the threesome's take on 'Blue Monk'). A triple-live set of the highest quality, recorded between '10 and '12, you'll also find Mrs Corea, Gayle Moran adding vocals to “Someday My Prince Will Come”. With so many highlights, a personal favourite and Chick standard 'Spain' tips the scales. At the apex of jazz in what would normally be the autumn of a career.

The Excelsiors-Control This

31 years after the original remix album was released, Imagination's 'Nightdubbing 2',  updates the band's golden era with 12 remixes on remix specialist Yam Who?'s ISM label. You'll find John Morales' look at 'Just an Illusion' and Soul Clap's 'Burning Up' and Yam Who? himself, with band-original Errol Kennedy but, once again,  Kon's remix of 'Flashback' is the eminent one as he takes the track on an improved journey.

Imagination-Flashback (Kon remix)

Swindle Oj-Tak ex4 artworks-000093507471-uzohri-t500x500 Fat Freddy's CS2593810-02A-BIG Amp Live

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