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Hackney Colliery Band-A Bit of Common Decency (ep)

Seyr-Nights Without... (EP)


Mammal Hands-Animalia

The brass band element of Dom and Adam's eclectic Wah Wah 45s label, the East Londoners' are fast joining the world leaders of the modern and popular brass-led sound. Their second LP, A Bit of Common Decency, gets the dancefloor treatment on this EP with a variety of approaches to their originals. The Reflex adds Stevie's Superstition drum pattern on the title, while labelmates Paper Tiger give us the stuttering footwork approach to Dead Dialogue. Triangulator and Fedka the Irritant complete the remix package.

Beautiful three-track release, representing the empty and soulful fallout from Dubstep.

'Tainted' starts it off with a vocal that has the uncanny ring of John Legend. Marginally the best of those on show is 'RHB' as halfstep become 4/4. Echoing and haunting background vocals prevalent, the teaser concludes with the brief but notable 'Nights'  this is minimal electronic songwriting of some note.

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Graceful jazz from Gondwana Records' new signings. The trio soar through one for the ages in 'Mansions for Millions of Years' led by Jordan Smart's soprano sax. Deep mastery from the piano of Nick Smart and rhythm from Jesse Barrett, the bass-less approach offers balladry on 'Spinning the Wheel' as well as 'Inuit Party', opened by Mr smart's piano riff before the journey begins. Just released.

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Chłopcy Kontra Basia-Oj Tak!

Poland's rich musical culture and general open-mindedness is exemplified by this unique trio from Krakow. Jazz in the foundations and the freedom it stands for, C K B, are ones to watch beyond their borders. Tracks like the boundary-crossing 'Jerzy', where acoustic bass and frantic woodwind lead into drum and bass rhythms, are a great example. Basia's vocals hint at being a Bjork-like torchbearer. Out on River Boat Records.

BBE showcase Shane 'Sureshot' Hunt's fascinating bringing together of the gravelly voice of  Jamaican-Canadian The Mighty Pope and  Omega Rae, here leading a series of alternative , Caribbean-soaked versions. Before you roll your eyes at the thought of covers, these can't be  recommended enough, bringing new life to The Beat's 'Mirror in the Bathroom', The Stylistics' 'People Make the World Go Round'. While Debbie Debs' 'Look Out Weekend' is made timeless here too.


New releases...

Alex Barck-Reunion: Remixed

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A taster of Swindle's follow-up  to last year's 'Long Live the Jazz'. Gilles Peterson's Brownswood have got his signature now with 'Walter's Call' leading this three track collection of  stuttering trademark  Footwork fills wrapped in half-step downbeats and jazz-age horns. Powerful modern fusion is evidence of a rich future ahead for the south-Londoner.

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Swindle-Walter's Call (EP)

20 years since this ground-breaking release on independent label Junior Boy's Own and sounding as important as it was  in '94. The trio's fusion of European techno, ambient darkness and dub, deeper than so much of its contemporaries, is exemplified on the anthemic, tribal rhythm of 'Mmm...Skyscraper I Love You',  'Dark & Long' and 'Dirty Epic'continue the journey while 'Tongue' remains a featherweight beauty with its understated percussion. 'Born Slippy' followed two years later but this broke the waves. Five discs accompany the re-release.

A year after integral Jazzanova member Alex Barck's debut LP 'Reunion', Sonar Kollektiv release the remixes. This really is an album of deep, well-thought interpretations of  electronic, soulful music. Released over the last year, you'll find much variety: a stripped -down choral take on 'Doubter' from Alex Patchwork and Pete Josef's rework of 'Re-set'. Osunlade gives us a tribal, Yoruba house  version of 'Oh Africa' and Vindahl's rhythm guitar adds something to 'Move Slowly'. Consistently high in quality throughout the 14 tracks

The Excelsiors-Control This

At the tail-end of the Broken Beat heyday in 2003, this track was part of a progressive 12" single (now download) on Public Transit Recordings. This cut in particular is full of  frantic, alternating beat emphasis, looping and varying the brief intro to Earth, Wind & Fire's' Love's Holiday' from 1977. An important addition if you like challenging, syncopated rhythm that electronic dance music should always include..

Arch Tight-Chase Scene with Zero

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